Unable to synchronise the alarm with a new sensor

Has the battery in the alarm base been changed?  The battery in the alarm base is a CR2354 coin battery available online or at good jewellery, photographic or electronics stores. It will generally last 3 months with the alarm triggering up to twice nightly, providing the alarm is turned off when not in use.

If the battery is not the issue, check for damage in the alarm base. If the alarm base is shaken vigorously and something inside it rattles or rolls around this indicates loose compenentry caused by damage to the alarm. The alarm base will need to be replaced.

After pairing the new Urosensor with the existing alarm base wait 5 seconds then test the alarm by turning it on and placing something metal (a stainless steel knife or scissors blades) on the black sensing strips of the Urosensor. The alarm will trigger indicating that it is working.

Click here for the pairing instructions

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