Pairing Instructions

Watch the video or follow these instructions:.

How to pair the Urosensor with an alarm base

When you purchase a new Urosensor you will need to pair it with your existing alarm base.
If you purchase a replacement or additional alarm base, you will also need to pair that with the existing Urosensor.
To pair your devices follow these instructions:
  1. Switch on the alarm base, and using a thin probe (such as the end of a paper-clip or very small screwdriver), press the pairing button marked Z.
  2. The alarm base will start to beep slowly at one second intervals as it ‘listens’ for the Urosensor. Immediately activate the Urosensor by putting something metal across the sensing strips so that it is sending a signal to the alarm base. When the alarm base detects the new Urosensor it will beep rapidly five times. This means the Urosensor is now paired to the alarm base.
  3. If the alarm does not detect the new Urosensor it will continue to beep slowly for approximately 75 seconds and then will sound one long beep indicating that it has not been able to detect the device. It is then necessary to repeat the pairing process.
Note: Only one Urosensor can be used at a time with an alarm. A single alarm base cannot detect multiple sensors. Whichever Urosensor is last paired with the alarm, only that Urosensor will trigger the alarm. However,  multiple alarm bases can be used with one Urosensor.

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