Has the Urosensor worn out or been damaged?

If the alarm fails to trigger the Urosensor may have worn out or been damaged. In either case a replacement Urosensor will need to be purchased to make the alarm operational again.

The Urosensor will generally last a year, but like most worn devices e.g. ear phones, it will need to be replaced in time

You can test the functioning of the Urosensor by plugging it into the alarm and slowly dipping the sensor into a glass of hot water starting with the first set of raised black detecting bars on the sensor. Note how many raised black detecting bars need to be inserted before the alarm triggers. If more than 6 bars need to be inserted it is time to replace the Urosensor.

 If the sensor has been cleaned with a product containing chlorine or put through the washing machine by mistake this will remove the conductivity of the sensor and the sensor will need to be replaced;   

 If the sensor has been damaged through forcible and repeated flexing or tugging on the cord causing internal wire breakage the sensor will need to be replaced.

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